Human Resources

 The Petrogas E&P Human Resources function provides a robust and comprehensive HR leadership excellence to HR staff within the subsidiaries and assist in the application of the best and most practical practices in HR Literature, Philosophy, Processes, HR Technology, and competency development methodologies to support the overall Organizational Effectiveness. The function is responsible for resourcing the Company with the most available Quality Competent Talents competing with major Organizations in the "War for Talent", particularly for qualified Nationals. In addition, it strives towards a high performance organization and results driven objectives by helping ensure alignment between company targets and staff performance contracts through effective performance management and a fair and transparent recognition and reward system.

 HR articulates the People capabilities, skills and competencies required to ensure a sustainable and successful organization, then establishes the mechanism to develop these to meet business needs. It formalizes programs for developing leadership competencies and provides the organization with succession plans to overcome the challenges of retention and business growth. The human resources function also fosters workplace communication to ensure staff are committed to the organization’s goals and values, are motivated and participate positively.


We believe in the value for our employees and for the company in offering technical and leadership development on the job and also by technical and management training. Petrogas actively supports the further education of its employees and numerous staff are undertaking higher degrees or professional qualifications in Business, Accountancy, HSE and many others.

Performance Management 

 Petrogas recognizes the value added and achievements of its employees via a comprehensive annual performance management system comprises of Tasks & Targets, Performance appraisals, company scorecards and bonuses schemes relating to both individual and company performances.


As a responsible "citizen" of the world, Petrogas is committed to communicate with its internal and external stakeholders as often as necessary and always in a transparent and comprehensive manner.