Human Resources

The Petrogas E&P Human Resources function provides a robust and comprehensive Business partnership and viable solutions to all PG subsidiaries. The HR function plays a vital role in the application of the best practices within the HR Philosophy, Processes, Technology and Competency Development methodologies to support the overall Organizational Effectiveness. HR Standards of Excellence scheme was launched in 2017. The scheme is performed on various HR audits and benchmarks, to support the goal of standardization and 1-HR concept locally and globally. It encourages different stakeholders to adopt best HR practices and elevates the overall functional professionalism and excellence.

In the war for talent, the HR function strives to resource the business with competent individuals to enable the business to operate smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. For the business to be result oriented, HR also seeks to apply state of the art performance management system in a fair and transparent manner.

HR articulates the People capabilities, skills and competencies required to ensure a sustainable and successful organization and establishes the mechanism to develop these to continue to meet business needs. The human resource’s function formalizes programs for development of leadership competencies and provides the organization with succession plans to overcome the challenges of retention and business growth. HR fosters workplace communication to ensure staff are motivated, participate positively and is committed to the organization’s goals and values.


Employee Development 

Petrogas is highly focused on the development of staff. For our employees approved Individual Development Plans (IDP) and Training Need Assessments (TNA) are in place. Petrogas actively supports the further education of its employees and numerous staff are undertaking higher degrees or professional qualifications, provided and/or supported by the company. With our Leadership Potential Assessment (LPA) we ensure to identify and develop present and future leaders to effectively manage the current and upcoming needs and challenges of the business. Petrogas has a well-defined system and structured approach in supporting the development and career progression of our graduates and new professionals in different disciplines through Graduate’s Development & Progression Scheme.

Succession Planning

 Succession Plans are developed to ensure business continuity and sustain our retention strategy. The process determines who will eventually replace personnel currently in senior and key positions. It tracks and manages employees assigned to various talent pools.

Performance Assessment & Reward

Petrogas recognizes the value-added achievements of employees via a comprehensive annual digital performance management system, aligned with the Corporate & HR strategy, rewarding employees based on their individual contributions and the overall Company Performance.

Employee Engagement & Feedback 

Petrogas acknowledges that a key factor of effective and successful employee development is the ability and willingness of management to engage with and listen to employees. Petrogas conducts a bi-annual employee survey as a useful and trustful tool of gathering insight into what is important to our employees and to identify areas of best practice within Petrogas. Based on the results of the bi-annual employee survey, actions are taken to further improve the working environment and benefits of our employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Our holding company MB Group and its subsidiaries including Petrogas, are dedicated to developing societies in which we operate, especially in our home base, Oman. MB Foundation is legally recognized by the Ministry of Social development to formalize MB Group companies’ philanthropic efforts to carry out their charitable activities. To ensure the highest impact for our resources, the MB Foundation board has prioritized four main pillars for our CSR activities: Education of Omani Youth, Women’s empowerment, Citizens Health & Welfare and Contribution to Civil Society.