The PETROGAS E&P LLC QHSSE Management System (HSEMS) is a quality-based, structured, process for managing QHSSE activities. Through this process, PETROGAS E&P LLC management wishes to clearly communicate the minimum level of QHSSE performance it expects from company and its affiliates to meet, and its desire for continuous improvement of QHSSE performance.

The HSEMS is built on the ISO 14001:2015, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018, models to ensure that health, safety, and environmental issues are systematically identified, controlled, and monitored. PETROGAS E&P LLC QHSSE policies provide the foundation for the HSEMS. To these are added QHSSE Vision, Mission and Value Statements to provide the philosophical cornerstone for the HSEMS by articulating where we are going as an organization what we believe and how we conduct our business regarding QHSSE.

PETROGAS E&P LLC Management states its minimum levels of QHSSE performance as a set of Expectations, which are to be used by the company and its affiliates to translate PETROGAS E&P LLC QHSSE Policies, Vision, Mission and Values into Systems, Programs and Procedures.



Petrogas E&P LLC is committed to ensuring QHSSE is our highest priority within our business environment, committed to international class QHSSE performance with a goal of achieving zero harm to employees, environment, contractors, communities & property.


We direct our company according to the best industrial practice both in terms of results and effectiveness to ensure the Quality, health, safety and security of all our stakeholders as well as the protection of the environment and communities wherever we conduct our business.


Our Corporate QHSSE core values are Accountability, Respect, Teamwork and Integrity.



  • Rapid action and communication on all matters related to Quality, health, safety, security and environment
  • Force the commitment and involvement of all levels of management and employees to ensure QHSSE deficiencies are addressed promptly & effectively aiming for QHSSE excellence.


  • Apply creativity and innovative ideas in establishing effective and efficient QHSSE practices.
  • Actively champion environmentally sound practices and safe behaviours establishing the fact that all QHSSE incidents are preventable.
  • Impart QHSSE education essential to assists employees make safe decisions


  • Commit our energies in partnering with all stakeholders to continuously improve QHSSE performance by living the QHSSE values.
  • Consider QHSSE leadership mandatory for Petrogas E&P’s long term business success by promoting QHSSE culture as “the ‘engine’ that drives the system towards the goal of sustaining the maximum resistance towards its operational hazards”


  • Striving to abide by QHSSE governance policies while performing all activities in the spirit and letter of applicable QHSSE laws and regulations to promote a clean, safe and healthy work environment.